[BLDG-SIM] ASHRAE 90.1-1989 Power Adjustment Factors

Gowri, Krishnan krishnan.gowri at pnl.gov
Thu Jan 29 17:18:24 PST 2004

Here is the response I got from Eric Richman, 90.1 lighting subcommittee chair,
- krishnan

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	As the current chair of the 90.1 lighting subcommittee, I can offer the following: 
	The power adjustment factors (the factor that uses room dimensions to adjust LPD values up) are based on the calculation method for LPD determination from the old IESNA LEM-1 procedure.  These factors recognize the fact that different space types have different dimensions that will effect the required LPD to light a room.

	The 90.1-1999/2001 standard has done away with these adjustments (primarily for ease of use of the standard) in favor of a standard representative LPD that reflects the commonly expected RCR value for each specific space type.  It was recognized early in the 90.1-1999 development process that specific space types generally had consistent RCR categories within that space type.  The resulting LPDs used in the standard incorporate these typical RCR characteristics.

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	Eric:  You may have an answer for this question, - krishnan 

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	Does anyone know how the ASHRAE 90.1-1989 Lighting Power Adjustment Factors 
	were derived?  See 90.1-1989 6.4.3. 
	Why were they dropped from subsequent versions of 90.1? 

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