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Is this permanent or temporary? If temporary, I would suggest AEC
MicroDataloggers with Continental Control Systems WattNode. Local storage,
but no wireless networking. AEC sells both. Their website is
www.archenergy.com <http://www.archenergy.com>  .

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I have an M+V question.
I am looking for a product line that would be suitable for submetering
electric demand for a large manufacturing facility.  There are several
buildings at the facility, each has its own main subpanel, but the only
utility meters are on the primary side of the site's transformer.  The
product I am looking for should be able to measure three-phase kW at each
subpanel and either save data locally for future downloading or send it over
a (wireless?) network to a computer for collection and analysis.  The
wireless network would be an added bonus to avoid long wire runs, but
another alternative might be to interface to the existing LAN or SCADA
Any suggestions?  Mfgr's website links?
Oh yeah, it should be proven, inexpensive, and flexible too!  ;-)
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