[bldg-sim] to evaluate Urban Heat Island phenomenon

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Here are two related items that may be of interest to you.

There's a Ph.D. thesis by Evyatar Erell on this topic, recently
completed at the University of Adelaide, Australia.  The Ph.D. adviser
was Dr. Terry Williamson at twilliamson at arch.adelaide.edu.au.  You might
want to communicate with him to see how to order the thesis.

What Erell developed is called the CAT (Canyon Air Temperature) computer
model, which predicts site-specific air temperature in a city street
based on data from an external reference station.  He conducted a site
monitoring program in Adelaide, recorded weather conditions continuously
at two city streets and at a reference location outside the city centre
for nearly a year. 

He concluded that the CAT model could be used to generate realistic,
site-specific temperature inputs for building thermal simulation
software, required to produce more accurate modeling of energy use.

Also, ASHRAE funded a research project (RP-606) that was completed in
1993, results of which are published in Technical paper 3665.  The title
is: "Determination of Climate Variation within Metropolitan Areas" by
Dufner, K. L., Bailey, D. T., Wolfe, D. E., Arya, S. P., ASHRAE Trans.
1993, vol.99, Part 1, Paper number 3665 (RP-606), 430-449. 


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Dear friends:
Sorry for taking your time.
I would like to  evaluate Urban Heat Island  phenomenon , which require
measuring and monitoring several 
environment  condition data ( i.e. Dry bulb, and wet bulb temperature,
humidity ,  moisture , wind speed ..etc) for a total distance  of 10km
from centre of  the city 'downtown' taken  at an increments radius of
100m. Which may 
 require of about 200 environment condition data measuring points, i.e
temperature, humdidty..etc  ?
 Follwoing points could be monitored using a PC-Software,  data logger
with several sensors 
I appreciate any suggestions, sharing previous experience information
i.e.  about the instrumentations ..etc.
Best regards,

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