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One issue with Green Roofs that has come up, is analyzing potential energy
savings benefits from evaporation, and plant evapo-transpiration.  There is
at least one program out there that apparently addresses this.  


1)       Are there opinions on whether these effects generate credible
supportable energy savings from typical green roof installations?


2)       Does anyone know of a standard methodology that could be
incorporated in a broad energy simulation such as eQuest?


3)       Has anyone received approval from USGBC or a utility incentive
program to claim energy savings from these effects, and if so what kind of
documentation was used? 


Thanks-Brian Thornton


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Hi  Dan,


You can use a reflectance of 0.70 or greater i.e. absorptance of 0.3 or less
for the roof. Also the effect of the U-value of the roof construction will
change so you will have to set a multiplier for the u-vlaue of the roof.
This can be referenced in the ASHRAE 90.1 - 1999 Users manual in the
Building Envelope section - page 5-20 table 5-E which gives the Roof
U-factor multipliers for the various climate zones.





Dan Sobrinski <sobrinski at econergy.net> wrote:



I am looking for some advice on modeling a green roof in Equest.
Specifically, what should I set Surface Roughness and Ext. Color
(absort) too?  Are there any other parameters that need to be modified to
simulate a vegetated roofing system?


Thanks in advance 


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