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Denis Bourgeois denis.bourgeois at arc.ulaval.ca
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" [...] plug loads in higher education facilities have been relatively 
constant the last five years. The basis is that even though there are 
(probably) more computers on campus, the improved efficiency has offset the 
higher numbers so net growth on load has been negligible.  Does anyone know 
of any data or studies that may support or refute this? Thanks in advance."

You may want to look up the following study:

1093-RP, "Compilation of Diversity Factors Schedules for Energy and Cooling 
Load Calculations" 
Bass Abushakra, David Claridge and Jeff Haberl of Texas A&M University. 
abstract: "The results of this project, available on CD-ROM, compile a library 
of schedules and diversity factors for energy and cooling loads in office 
buildings. Forty-six diversity factors were derived from measured data from 
32 office buildings. The results are compatible with DOE-2, BLAST and Energy 
Plus simulation programs." (taken from ASHRAE web site)

The study is very recent (2004), so you could compare the updated plug load 
profiles against whatever you have on hand. If memory serves me right (don't 
actually have the 1093 documents in front of me as I'm writing this), updated 
plug load diversity factors during peak hours in offices WERE lower than 
what's used by default for compliance purposes in Canada (i.e. energy code; 
incentive programs, etc.), e.g. 90% in the MNECB ... Of course, you'd have to 
compare nominal load densities as well, but overall I think your hunch is 

You may also want to look up the following for a more detailed view on IT 
equipment load comparison:


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