[BLDG-SIM] WLHPs and Hot Water

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DOE 2.2 is capable of using a schedule with a unique value for each hour
of the year.  This allows capabilities similar to the file-load feature
in DOE2.1e.  This is a good way to assign an external load to a
circulation loop.   

For anyone interested I have attached a template for an hourly value
schedule to use in DOE2.2.  It has 53 weeks and 375 days.  The annual
week end-dates are currently set up for 2005.  The holidays are not set
up to match their corresponding day, that would have to be done by the

The schedule I included is a fraction schedule so you will need to
normalize your data similar to the method for making performance curves.
I mentioned one way of doing this in my earlier email.

I recommend making changes within the template first and then importing
the file into your DOE2.2/equest project.

I recently used this to model the performance of an ERV system on a heat



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Can DOE2.2 accept a 52 week, 365 separate day schedule now? That would 
be handy for post-processing outputs from other programs, adding in 
metered loads, etc. It used to be limited, but in 2.1 we used the 
function file-read to insert data to a schedule. Do you have an example 
of this method you could share?

Mike Tillou wrote:

>I was going to recommend the same idea.
>Create a boiler on the WLHP and determine the unmet heating load that
>is not met by the heat pumps.  Capture this load in an hourly report 
>and import it into excel (you can create an output report that imports 
>directly into excel).  Find the peak hourly MBTU unmet heating load. 
>Determine the ratio of unmet heating load to peak unmet heating load 
>for each hour of the year.  Create a schedule TYPE=FRACTION using these

>ratio values (52 weeks, 365 days).  In your hot water loop (with the
>boilers) assign a process heating load equal to the peak unmet heating 
>load, use the schedule you created as the process heating schedule.
>You can verify this is working right by running hourly reports
>comparing the WLHP boiler load and the process load.  Set the HIR of 
>the WLHP boiler and the kW of the WLHP boiler pump to 0 so that you 
>don't get any unmet heating hours in your air-side systems output (for 
>the heat pump systems).
>Good Luck,
>Michael Tillou, PE
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>This may the "old fashioned" method, but...
>Can't you run the WSHP scenario with a gas fired
>boiler, assuming a 100% boiler efficiency (horrors!),
>and get an 8,760 hourly output on the dynamics of that
>Then, input this dynamic heating load (AS A HEATING
>LOAD) into another eQuest run for the rest of your
>loads and main boilers, thus hopefully getting the
>dynamics you need.
>At least the theory feels right...
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