[bldg-sim] DOE2.2-How to link two different systems to the same thermal zone?

Pedro Rodrigo pedromanuelrc at yahoo.es
Mon Mar 28 03:32:26 PST 2005

Hello all!
I belong to a team of researchers in the University of
Jaen, Spain. It would be very useful for us if you
tell us your opinion about a little DOE2-related
We are simulating a real (yet existing) multi-zone
building in eQuest. The problem is that we have two
kinds of terminal units operating together in each
zone: i) a two-pipe air handler unit (with outside air
dampers) and ii) several two-pipe fan-coils. The AHU
provides a primary flow of 21ºC set conditioned air.
Users in different rooms served by the same AHU,
operate on/off and set room temperature via the
individual fan-coils.
We have realized that it´s not possible to link two
different systems (i.e. SZR + FC) to the same thermal
zone in DOE2 (only one is allowed). How could we model
this building without increasing too much the number
of thermal zones? And how could we schedule the
operation of the individual fancoils, for example
20%-On, 40%-On, 60$-On,...? (We have up to 50 fan-coil
units working together with a single AHU).
Thanks in advance,
Pedro Rodrigo
University of Jaen

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