[BLDG-SIM] Need help on eQuest

David S Eldridge DSE at grummanbutkus.com
Tue Apr 25 09:37:29 PDT 2006

Gang, I think you have a mix-up between the library file that comes with
DOE2.2 vs the one that comes with eQuest.  The library files aren't the
same, you'll have to add the materials from the one to the other.  I
believe you can do this with a text editor.  You may be able to copy the
library file from DOE2.2 to eQuest (although you'll have fewer library
choices as the eQuest one has more entries?)
I had done this before where I wanted to use DOE2.2 directly instead of
eQuest, so I had to copy over the eQuest library file (I forget the
exact name of the file...BDLLIB.dat or similar).  I'm not sure what to
do for you, since you may have used components out of the eQuest library
and can't simply revert to the DOE2.2 library.
Please make copies of all files before you modify anything!
As far as I know, you will have to keep using the detailed data edit
mode.  You may want to look at a tool such as "compare-it" to keep track
of two separate eQuest *.inp files.
Hope this helps.  And hope someone will jump in and correct me if I'm
off-base, or elaborate on the differences between library files.


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	Subject: [BLDG-SIM] Need help on eQuest
	Dear All,
	I am Gang. I obtained a simulation model (let's call it Original
Source Model) defined using DOE-2.2 (version 44c3). The file name is
*.INP. I am trying to modify it using eQuest3.55 since the eQuest3.55
included the latest DOE-2.2 (version 44c3).
	When I open the Original Source Model using eQuest3.55, there
are ~40 errors found in BDL. For example: "A MATERIAL property is zero
or negative". I want to correct these errors using eQuest3.55 platform.
My questions are: 
	1. Whether is any confict between the model (*.INP) developed
using general DOE-2.2 version 44c3 with eQuest3.55? I mean, does
eQuest3.55 recognize all the BNL codes from DOE-2.2 version 44c3? Is it
possible that the model developed in DOE-2.2 version 44cs can correctly
run in DOE-2.2 but not in eQuest?
	2. Since my Orginal Source Model was not originally generated
from wizard inputs, eQuest doesn't permit me entering the wizards to
modify the model. I only can use the "Detailed Data Edit" mode. But the
changes made in "Detailed Data Edit" mode cannot be recorded by the EEM
wizard. Is there any easy method to rebuild the model in wizard and
correct BDL errors? 
	Thanks a lot!
	Gang Tan

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