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I'm modeling a multistory office building located in New York using eQUEST.
The building has a heated basement (no cooling) and six conditioned floors
(heating and cooling). Cooling is done via air-cooled DX units and a packaged
VAV with reheat distribution system. Heating is done using boilers and a hot
water loop feeding the reheat coils in the VAV box and baseboards along the
perimeter. The schedules are eQUEST defaults. I am not sure what I am doing
wrong, but I am getting a significant cooling load in winter. I am using OA
temperature controlled economizer and compressor lock-out.


One other strange thing that happens with this model is that both fan energy
and demand go up in the winter. One should think that in the heating mode the
airflow is set to minimum and the temperature is varied to meet the load.
Therefore the fan energy and demand should be lower in the winter. However,
the numbers I am seeing show that the demand for the fans is about 50% higher
in the winter and the fans energy use in January is almost 4 times higher than
the one in August. I have played with the night controls for the fans, but
that does not help. If I select the "Stay Off" control instead of "Cycle On
Any" I am getting rid of the cooling in the winter, but I am getting weird
heating numbers in the summer. In June and August I get some gas use (???) for
space heating, but none in July. I do not know what I am missing, but this
does not seem right.


Did anyone encounter these or similar issues? Any input will be highly
appreciated. Please let me know if you need more details.


Thank you,





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