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Dear IBPSA Members and Friends

In order to allow the awardees time to plan to attend, it is time to
consider nominations for the up-coming 2007 conference in Beijing, China.
We would now invite nominations in the usual three categories as listed
below and for each category we will require a brief CV or summary of work
(relating to the appropriate category) for the nominee(s) plus the
additional information outlined for each category below (Distinguished
Service Award, Young Contributor Award, and Outstanding Practice).

Nominations should be sent in the first instance to Lori McElroy as
representative of the Awards Committee ­ lori.mcelroy at thelighthouse.co.uk by
a closing date of the 31st August 2006.

We hope that there will be a good competition this time, so please contact
me to discuss a possible nomination if required.  We also hope that
nominations will be made for the Distinguished Practice Award this time
around, as no award was made in this category last time, despite the fact
that there is plenty of appropriate talent Worldwide.

Kind regards

Lori McElroy
Awards Committee IBPSA


The International Building Performance Simulation  Association (IBPSA) makes
three awards for outstanding work in the building  performance simulation
field. These awards are made on a biennial basis at  each Building
Simulation Conference, providing there is a qualified candidate.
The three categories awarded are:
IBPSA Award for Distinguished Service to Building  Simulation

This award recognizes an individual who  has a distinguished record of
contributions to the field of building  performance simulation, over a long
period. The award consists of a  certificate and $500 (US).
IBPSA  Outstanding Young Contributor Award

This award  recognizes an individual at the beginning of their career who
has demonstrated  potential for significant contributions to the field of
building simulation.  The award consists of a certificate and $500 (US).
IBPSA Outstanding Practice  Award

This award recognizes and individual, group or  firm, who has made
significant contributions to the effective application  and/or advancement
of building simulation in practice. The award consists of a  certificate and


Nominations for the  Distinguished Service Award should include a brief CV
which gives the  history of involvement with building performance
simulation, publications  etc., and a summary the individual's contributions
to the  field.
Nominations for the IBPSA Outstanding Young Contributor  Award should
include a brief CV which gives a summary of the individual's  contributions
to the field, their publications etc, and an assessment of  potential for
future contributions.
Nominations for the  Outstanding Practice Award should be accompanied by a
summary of the individual's, group's or firm's contributions to the field,
and an assessment  of the significance of their contributions.
Some recent Past  Recipients of these awards are:
Distinguished Service Award
Gint Mitalas (Canada)
Tamami (Tom) Kusuda (USA)
George Walton (USA)
Jean Le Brun (Belgium)
Joe Clarke (U.K.)
Ed Sowell (USA)
Curt Pedersen (USA)
Fred Winkelmann (USA
IBPSA Outstanding Young Contributor Award
Jeffrey Spitler (USA.)
James Braun (USA.)
Jean-Michel Nataf (France)
Veronica Soebarto (Indonesia)
Martin Moeck (USA)
Ian Beausoleil-Morrison (Canada)
Pieter de Wilde (Netherlands)
Michael Wetter (USA)
IBPSA Outstanding Practice Award
Michael Holmes - Arup  (U.K.)


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