[BLDG-SIM] doe2 "Misc Equip" reporting errors?

Kate Turpin katet at pae-engineers.com
Fri Jul 7 11:58:18 PDT 2006

I'm getting some strange output reporting in my doe2 SIM file under
energy end uses in BEPS and BEPU simulation file reports for the end use
"Misc Equipment."  It seems that some of my space heating and cooling
energy use is being directed to the "Misc Equip" end use category in the
simulation file....
Has anyone experienced something similar?  Anyone know why this might be
occurring and how to correct this?
more detail below.....
I'm using eQuest v3.55, and am doing an ASHRAE 90.1-1999 ECB method
energy study, so I have a "Design" case model of the building according
to construction documents, and have backed out a "Budget" case model
following the ECB guidelines in 90.1 (and associated HVAC system map
All Equipment plug loads assigned to spaces are assigned as electric
loads, and are identical between by "Design" case model and my "Budget"
case model.  No other internal energy sources are defined in either
model.  All schedules are identical between models.  No process loads
are assigned to any of my circulation loops or plant equipment.
The differences between input files are limited to:  lighting power
densities, construction types (walls, roof, glass, etc), and HVAC system
types are different due to following the ECB modeling methodology.
In my SIM file under "Misc Equip" in the BEPS/BEPU reports, I have very
different electrical KWH used under "Misc Equip", and Natural gas uses
have appeared in this same "Misc Equip" category, again with very
different total Therms used.... 
Does anyone know why the electric use under "Misc Equip" could be
different between the two models, and how natural gas use might have
appeared in the "Misc Equip" end use category
I tried reworking the input file a bit to make the "Design" and "Budget"
cases match in all of the HVAC equipment (i.e. including all HVAC
systems and thermal zones, and HVAC circ loops and plant equipment are
now identical).  So, for this run, the only differences between the two
input files are in Lighting loads, and Construction types.  
In this run, the BEPS/BEPU reports for the two models "Misc Equip" end
use category are still different between the two models for both
electric KWH used, and natural gas Therms, but the difference between
the models is much smaller than in "Case 1" above where the HVAC system
types were different.....   
Please let me know if you have any advice on how to correct this...

Thank you,

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