[bldg-sim] sky model(s)/weather file algorithm used in DOE-2.2

Ramana Koti ramana.koti at gmail.com
Mon May 29 22:51:23 PDT 2006

My question is based on a question and answer I am quoting from the summer
1998 Building energy simulation user news on the LBL website (page 23 of
http://gundog.lbl.gov/dirun/1902.pdf ). The user's question and Fred
winkelmann's answer are as following:

"Question: Is there a method of reading in total horizontal illuminance from
  external file and eliminating the need for the turbidity and moisture

Answer: The soon-to-be-released DOE-2.2 bypasses the need for atmospheric
values -- it uses the same Perez algorithm as used in the TMY2s to calculate
exterior illuminance for measured solar radiation, sun position and other
quantities available on the weather file. It also calculates atmospheric
hourly from dewpoint temperature, so the monthly average atmospheric
  moisture values are no longer needed. This approach is also being
in DOE-2.1E and should be available later this year."

Does this mean that later versions of DOE-2.1E released by LBL and
use perez all weather sky model or is the change only specific to an
algorithm used in the weather file while the sky models remain the same
standard clear and overcast?

Thanks in advance,

Venkata Ramana Koti
MS in Building Design (Energy/Climate)
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
College of Design
Arizona State University, Tempe AZ 85287

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