[bldg-sim] eQUEST: Mutliple loops per central plant equipment

Tupper, Kendra Kendra.Tupper at sf.fk.com
Tue May 16 12:05:59 PDT 2006


I'm trying to use eQuest to compare centralized vs. decentralized plant
options, and I'm running into a problem because you cannot assign
multiple loops to a single piece of central plant equipment.  My model
contains 4 buildings and the three basic plant options are:

1.	Decentralized: Water Source Heat Pumps with a loop at each
building. Cooling tower and boiler at each building. 
2.	Semi-decentralized:  Water Source Heat Pumps with a loop at each
building. Boiler at each building, central cooling tower.
3.	Centralized:  Centralized chilled water plant serving 4 pipe
FCUs.  Central cooling towers and boilers. 

Option 1 is straightforward to model, but I need to assign a single
cooling tower to four loops for Option 2.  Is this possible?  The pump
heads for the loop and equipment pumps vary greatly between the options,
so I really need to be able to specify these building loops

Thank you!


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