[BLDG-SIM] Equest Max. Number Limit Modeling Multilayer Windows

Gang Wu gangwu1 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 1 00:21:40 PST 2006

Dear Folks,
I am simulating a multi-layer glazing system for a 25-floor office building. The system physically consists of 3 components, the outermost single clear glazing, glass-between blinds, and the innermost double low-e glazing. This configuration has to translate into 7 layers according to the layer-by-layer method in DOE-2.2. After creating applicable codes in the inp file and running the equest interface, I received an error information without simulation results:
"Number of windows w/layers = 40 maximum allowed ..."
I set 4 windows for the 4 parameter zones each floor, I still have 100 windows to model. I am wondering if equest allows only 40 windows to be modeled by layer-by-layer method, or I have to run the simulation with DOS batch file. Please advise any solutions.
Tons of thanks in advance.
Glenn Wu

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