[BLDG-SIM] LEED 2.2 EAc1 energy savings credit for parking exhaust control?

Brian Thornton thorntonenergy at comcast.net
Mon Oct 29 18:22:10 PDT 2007

Has anyone received a CIR ruling or received USGBC approval on a project for
parking exhaust control ie CO sensors and VFD?


There's been discussion on this topic on BLDG-SIM but my Google search
didn't show confirmation that LEED 2.2 EAc1 credit is available. 


Also couldn't find a LEED 2.2. CIR ruling. Is one available?


Please share details on approach allowed by USGBC for baseline if available.


Is a constant volume parking exhaust system 24/7 for multi-family still


Or is common practice to have some level of exhaust volume and fan control
even if code doesn't require it?  




Brian Thornton


Thornton Energy Consulting

p. 503-231-6600 f. 503-231-3555

thorntonenergy at comcast.net


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