[Bldg-sim] Ground Source Heat Pump - heating mode

Vikram Sami VSami at lasarchitect.com
Thu Jan 10 06:08:38 PST 2008

The system I am trying to model in eQUEST is a series of heat pumps that
are connected to a ground loop heat exchanger. I set up the heat
exchanger and water loop in the water side tab. I selected the 'water
loop heat pump' option on the air side systems and assigned the ground
loop to it. There is a place on the cooling side to assign the loop to
the condenser. However, I don't see anyplace on the heating tab to
assign the loop to the heating side of the heat pump. I am also getting
46% of my heating hours outside the throttling range (guessing this is
because there is no loop attached to the HP). Is there a fix for this?
Should I be using a different system type?

Will Climate master's extension allow me to model this better?


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