[Bldg-sim] eQuest BDL User Expression: Area of Zone

Brandon Nichols BrandonN at Hargis.biz
Thu Jan 24 22:20:48 PST 2008

This started out to be a question, but in the course of making it
intelligible I discovered the answer.
My objective was to set the user default expression for fin tube
radiation to something like 30 BTUH per square foot in each zone.
However I couldn't figure out how to get the AREA defined by the SPACE
which corresponds to the ZONE into the zone's user expression... 
SPACE is not a parent, grandparent or great grandparent of a ZONE -- and
the #P (Parent) funtion was on the frontier of my BDL knowledge.  So
after a couple hours of headbanging while reading the "KEYWORD
EXPRESSIONS / BDL Functions" subsection of the "Building Description
Language" chapter of the DOE-2.2 Vol 3: 'Topics' manual, I was ready to
throw in the towel and ask the group, as nothing was coming up on an
archive search.  
But in the process of writing this e-mail, I chanced to read the #LR
(LocalRef) definition one last time and the light bulb went on.  So here
it is, a very simple user default expression for zone fin tube radiation
HEATING-CAPACITY, set to 30 BTUH per square foot (negative sign req'd by
#LR("SPACE","AREA")*-30                         $ as entered into eQuest

HEATING-CAPACITY = {#LR("SPACE","AREA")*-30}    $ as stored in the .inp
Enjoy, my head is still hurting...
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Hello All,
I apologize if this question has been address before as I had hard time
finding the thread from the archive.
Can some one describe the step by step process of using revit file in
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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