[Bldg-sim] Atrium and its Stratification

Virdi Permana Virdi.Permana at smithgroup.com
Fri Jan 25 09:40:42 PST 2008

Hello All,
Need to have some inputs on how to model only one zone in a university
It is a 7 floors tall atrium of a university, where only the first floor
that is occupied (the entrance area).
The HVAC is only dedicated to maintain the first two floors of the
atrium and will let the air to stratify to the top of the atrium.
1. Since I am only interested in the load of the atrium, can we model
this area without modeling the rest of the school building?
2. What is the strategy to model the first floor (occupied and
conditioned area) of the atrium and the rest of the atrium (where
stratification occurs)?
3. Can stratification be modeled in eQuest? How?
4. Adjacent to the atrium, class building, how do you model these
conditioned zone without having to model the whole building?
5. Since I only need to study the load, do we still have to model the
HVAC? How can we find out the skin load?
Any inputs is greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much.
Virdi Permana
SmithGroup - DC 
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