[Bldg-sim] RTUs with HW coils

W. Peter Anderson panderson at jpengineer.com
Wed Jan 30 10:08:51 PST 2008

I am preplxed by a dramtic increase in heating load for my building- 35000 sq ft two story office.

Base case equipment is Packaged Single Zone DX, fixed outside air (15%).  Base board perimeter radiators to heat.

The Propsed Case is Packaged Multizone with HW heat.  I added economizers, and kept the same baseboard.

The base case condtion used 183 MMBTU/year.
The revised model consumes 3338 MMBTU/year.

Space temperatures looked slightly different, but with in 2F-5F

Any thoughts?  All things are identical expect the RTUs.  I have checked everything I could think off.

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