[Bldg-sim] Case Studies of Active Mass Ceilings

Jordina Vidal jvidal at salleurl.edu
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Dear Graham,
I work at an engineering firma in Barcelona, and we are currently designig a small office buidling (2000 m2 aprox) with activated cooling slabs in Tarragona (Latitude 41). The radiant (only cooling)  system is the BKT-Rautherm product by Rehau. The BKT will be presumably installed this coming March.
Moreover, the Rehau offices in Barcelona have the BKT system installed for heating and cooling and its been running for some years.
If you are interested in having more details on the Tarragona building, let me know. Also, if you want more information on the Rehau Headquarters in Barcelona, I can forward your request to our Rehau contact.

Jordina Vidal.

OVIngenieria S.L.
Marià Cubí 81, 1r-2a
T. +34 93 209 99 00
Fax. +34 93 209 97 91
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  My company, Bovis Lend Lease, is potentially going to be involved in the design & construct of a high rise ofice building employing active mass ceilings (high temperature CHW through the structural slab exposed to the occupied space below) in combination with underfloor air using 19C or so air supplied through Krantz type swirl diffusers.  Being in Sydney Australia the focus is on cooling rather than heating although perimeter heating would be provided via a separate underfloor air AHU or trench heating etc.

  The system offers IEQ and energy efficiency advantages in theory ... though there are a number of fitout and construction challenges.

  We are aware of numerous German and Swiss built examples of this type of system, but understand the Canadians have been applying this type of system in places thus I am hopeful this forum can assist with my query.  I would appreciate any information on buildings in operation or construction with active mass cooling / ceilings outside of Germany and Switzerland.  Building names and locations as a minimum, but any other information would be kindly received ...

  Graham Carter


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