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Try putting "computational fluid dynamics" into the title search field at
http://www.bookfinder.com. Many titles will appear. 

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The below is probably the best first start text book and one that most
universities and CFD courses have in the reference lists.

An Introduction To Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Finite Volume Method

Versteeg, H. K.; Author: With Malalasekera, W.
Published: August 1995
Pearson Higher Education
ISBN: 0582218845

Pretty comprehensive introduction to the black art but not purely associated
with buildings.   You'll need to hit the journals for more dedicated stuff
probably but they will depend on your area of work.

Someone on CFDonline might know of better texts and they have a useful list
of references there too.


Brad Acker wrote: 

Hello All,
 I am taking an independent study class on computational fluid dynamic. I am
looking for a text book to use that addresses CFD with regard to building.
Not sure if it matter but we will be learning Fluent. Any suggestions would
be great.
Brad Acker



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