[Bldg-sim] Load Calcs with Energy Simulation Software

W. Peter Anderson panderson at jpengineer.com
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Greetings.  I have a little experience in CHVAC and slightly more in eQuest, and here is my $0.02 worth.

If your objective is sizing equipment, developing detailed zone loads for system and equipment sizing, CHVAC is, in my opion the much better way to go.  I found it easy to set up zones, create systems, and the output is very well oraganized in terms of providing the design engineer with the information they need.

To try and do the same thing in eQuest is much more difficult and time consuming than CHAVC.  Furthermore, the program inputs outputs are focused on energy use.  The system sizing information is not as easy to locate and discern as in CHVAC.

Again, bare in mind I am new to both these programs.
This forum (Bldg-sim) will get you many other worthy opinions, I hope mine helps.

Regards and good luck.
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  Hello All,
  Would anyone out there like to share experiences or precautions in using simulation models (particularly eQuest, DOE2.1e, EnergyPlus) for load calculations? Any advantages/disadvantages, tricks, or warnings in using these simulation models as opposed to dedicated load calculation software like Elite's CHVAC? Any studies comparing the two?


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