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Brian Fountain bfountain at greensim.com
Fri Jan 11 12:27:54 PST 2008

Vicki -
Importing from CAD drawing is one of my favourite eQUEST features --
it does save hours in take-offs and building zoning.
Where are you in eQUEST when you import?
In the DD wizard, go to the footprint screen for the shell.  Select
custom footprint, hit the ... button (to edit the custom footprint).
It should prompt you whether you want to import a CAD file here --
yes!  Now the trick is often setting the scale.  Remember that it the
custom footprint editor, you can hit the "D" button on the toolbar and
then zoom in and out -- this toggles the zoom for the drawing only,
not your footprint or zones.  So, what I do is start with a rectangle
footprint of roughly the same size as your building -- leave that as
the background when you switch to the custom background to give you a
scale to work from.  Then, zoom and pan your drawing only out until it
matches the scale and lines up with your project axis.
If this is not the answer, possible issues - TurboCAD file format is
different from AutoCAD.
Hope this helps.

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Hello - I'm working on a project where I have access to a .dwg file to
import into equest to start building the model from.  Since the
building (existing, single story) is very complex in shape it would
save me hours and hours to be able to import it.  


I used Turbo-CAD to go into the .dwg file and remove all layers except
one - the one showing the building outline.  I assumed that I could
just open equest and go to import and bring the file in but it's not
working (an error message shows up and then it stops - the message is
that the U-name is too long. However since the process stops, there
may be other error messages).  


I have not been able to find, anywhere, instructions on how to import
a .dwg file - I've also searched the archives and found discussions on
importing but not on how.  So how do I import a .dwg file? Any help is
hugely appreciated!




Vicki Lynne, PE

NCAT/NWE E+ Business Partners

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