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Dear Demba,
I can't comment on eQuest but I can offer some suggestions on what is
important to look for in a system design tool:
1. First, you need the ability to size the full range of components you
find in an HVAC system - including room diffusers, air terminals,
ductwork, circulation fans, central cooling and heating coils, chillers
and boilers, as well as fan coil units, terminal PTAC or WSHP equipment,
baseboard heaters.
2. To properly size this range of equipment you need the ability to look
at peak loads at a wide range of times of day and times of year -
meaning multiple "design" weather days per year.  For instance the time
when a room peaks may be different from the time a central coil peaks
which may be different from the time a chiller peaks.  All of this
influences sizing of particular components in the system.  Software
designed specifically for system design typically uses the industry
practice of evaluating one design cooling day for each month so that
both time of day and time of year factors can be considered.  The design
days are 24-hour profiles which include warmer than normal temperatures
such as a 0.4% summer design point for a month like July or August in
North America and the equivalent type of value for off-peak months, as
well as clear sky solar radiation appropriate for the time of year -
typically the 21st of the month.  So the key is having the ability to
look at multiple design days per year rather than one design day.
3. Proper system sizing also relies on a using "system-based" approach
which accounts for the different procedures used to size different types
of systems and equipment.  For example, the central fan in a
multiple-zone CAV system is sized differently from the central fan in a
multiple-zone VAV system.
4. Also useful is a roster of reports that provide bottom line sizing
results as well as more detailed information such as component load
breakdowns in an efficient manner. 
Software developed with a specific focus on the system design work will
typically offer these key features.  The HAP software you mentioned is
one such tool, but there are certainly others out there as well.
Hope this helps.
Best Regards,
Jim Pegues
Carrier Corporation


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Dear Colleagues,


First, happy new year to each of you. May Peace and Joy be your
companions all year long.


I'd like to invite those who did it to share their experience using
eQuest as a design tool. 

Also, how would you compare eQuest and HAP for such purpose?





Demba Ndiaye


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