[Bldg-sim] Appendix G Fixed Shades in Baseline Case

Ümit Esiyok umit.esiyok at uni-dortmund.de
Mon Jan 28 09:28:19 PST 2008

I couldn't find it either Kristin, as far as I read nothing about
neighboor buildings and trees, etc. mentioned.

> Actually, the text you refer to means that the building itself, meaning
> its own walls and roof, should not shade itself.  That sentence probably
> sounds confusing.  Think of an L-shaped building and how one side of the
> L could shade another side of the L at certain times of the day/year.
> If you're using DOE2, you can just use this code at the beginning of
> where your spaces and surfaces are defined:
> This is for your Baseline.  For your Proposed Design, change the "NO"
> to a "YES."
> App. G, Table G3.1 states that, for the baseline, "no shading
> projections shall be modeled.  Manual window shading devices such as
> blinds or shades shall not be modeled."  This means your baseline
> shouldn't have any fixed shades in it.  For the proposed design, only
> automatically controlled shades/blinds can be modeled, and any
> "permanent shading devices such as fins, overhangs, and light shelves
> may be modeled."
> As far as the trees and shades/reflectance from neighboring buildings,
> I haven't found this addressed in the LEED or App. G documentation.  Has
> anyone else?
> Hope this helps!
> Kristin
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>>>> "Rob Bialobrzeski" <rbialobrzeski at dmiinc.com> 1/28/2008 7:56 AM
> Hello all,
> Appendix G states that for the baseline building performance, “the
> building shall be modeled so that is does not shade itself.”  I
> interpret this to mean that only shades that are part of the building
> should be removed in the baseline case, and that any fixed shades not
> connected to the building (i.e. trees or neighboring structures) should
> still be modeled in the baseline case.  Is this a correct assumption, or
> should all sources of shading, such as trees, be removed in the baseline
> case?
> Thanks for the help!
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Ümit Esiyok

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