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Thanks Dave-
I modeled a single zone (the floor) and a single RTU.  I did not notice any independant method for controlling the base board.  I assumed it worked off the setpoint on the HVAC system screen.

I checked SS-K and I was getting temperature drop with out the HW coil and overshoot with the hot water coil.  

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  How many zones are there, and are there the same number of single-zone AHUs in your base case?  How are the baseboards controlled?


  5,229 btu/sf/yr is pretty low for heating, depending on your climate.  The other figure may be high for an office (again depending on climate) but looks to be the right order of magnitude if there is significant cold weather.


  I would start with the SS-O reports, and also compare the total number of unmet hours for both cases, to verify that you are providing the same conditions for each alternative.


  That level of difference between the alternatives sounds more like the first case has cooler than expected zones rather than the result of a system type change (even to a multizone).






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  I am preplxed by a dramtic increase in heating load for my building- 35000 sq ft two story office.


  Base case equipment is Packaged Single Zone DX, fixed outside air (15%).  Base board perimeter radiators to heat.


  The Propsed Case is Packaged Multizone with HW heat.  I added economizers, and kept the same baseboard.

  The base case condtion used 183 MMBTU/year.

  The revised model consumes 3338 MMBTU/year.


  Space temperatures looked slightly different, but with in 2F-5F


  Any thoughts?  All things are identical expect the RTUs.  I have checked everything I could think off.



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