[Bldg-sim] chiller EIR curve

Xu, Xiaowei xiaowei.xu at ny.fk.com
Fri May 23 13:06:47 PDT 2008


I have a question about the chiller EIR curve in eQUEST. In the
attachment, there are two curves of chiller EIR. One is the kWH/Ton
curve from chiller manufacture. One the normalized EIR curve from eQUEST
default. These two curves showed quite big difference when the chiller
PLR drops to 30% or lower. 


In my simulation, I used manufacturer data and this equation to
calculate the EIR, and then normalized the EIR to get the curve. 

Cooling EIR = 0.941 * (1/(SEER/3.413))


Because about 20% of the chiller hours ran at less 20% of PLR, using two
different curves (calculated manufacturer curve and eQUEST default
curve) caused huge difference of chiller electricity consumption. So my
question is which curve is right for the chiller performance? Thank you
very much.



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