[Bldg-sim] LEED/Appendix G HVAC Baseline Systems

Routh Consulting Engineers routhconsultingengineers at charter.net
Sun Nov 2 09:36:13 PST 2008

I am modeling a new building applying for LEED certification and want to make sure I'm using the right Appendix G baseline HVAC system configuration. The proposed design has three gas/electric rooftop packaged HVAC units, each with VVT dampers for subzoning, 6 to 12 subzones per system, all zones are defined at the stage of design development we're at. I believe I need Appendix G system type 3, gas/electric single zone units for my baseline, but do I use the same three HVAC unit configuration and assign the same eQUEST spaces/zones to the corresponding systems, or do I use a separate HVAC system for each space/zone? Thanks in advance for any replies.

Rick Routh
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