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For small power internal gains, a good source for European equipment is 
http://www.eu-energystar.org/fr/index.html. There is a database with the 
certified power in mode idle, sleep and off of desktop computers, LCD 
monitors (it seems that CRD are not any more certified), laptop and 
other equipment. If you are interested, I downloaded and processed their 
data, and then I can send you an Excel file with these data.

Unfortunately, there is much less information about small power 
equipment use…it seems that generally active use of computer is less 
than 50 % of the working time, but it is difficult to do 
generalizations, due to a very large differences between users and a 
general lack of field studies. Actually, I found only a French study 
about it, and it is in French.

Another difficulty I found in assessing internal gains due to small 
power equipment is that printers are generally very consuming, but I 
have few data about the ratio printers/occupants in office buildings and 
nothing about their actual use.

As I am very interested to the field, please let me know if you find any 
interesting source about the subject! And feel free to contact me 
directly if you have any question or comment about what I said!

Best regards,

Marcello CACIOLO

> Hi
> Please excuse me if some of the nomenclature is unfamiliar - I'm from 
> the UK!
> Q1: I'm used to citing CIBSE as my preferred source of internal gains 
> info. However, the information is now a little dated and doesn't even 
> cover TFT screens. Is ASHRAE any better in this department? If not, is 
> there any reliable source that I can cite for modern desktops, laptops 
> and TFT screens?
> Q2: As temperature increases the human body gives off less `sensible 
> heat' and more latent heat. Can anybody cite any data regarding this 
> phenomenon? Again, there used to be a table in CIBSE guide A (1999) but 
> it was withdrawn in later versions.
> Chris


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