[Bldg-sim] cooling degree days (base 50) for dubai / Abu/dhabi ?

Horowitz, Scott Scott_Horowitz at nrel.gov
Thu Nov 20 11:16:19 PST 2008


The .stat files on the weather portion of the EnergyPlus website have calculated HDD/CDD numbers for places around the world.

For example: http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/buildings/energyplus/weatherdata/2_asia_wmo_region_2/ARE_Abu.Dhabi_IWEC.stat

It has both base 10C (50F) and base 18C (65F) numbers towards the bottom.

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Does anyone know what the cooling degree days (base 50) for dubai / Abu/dhabi are?, ASHRAE seems to have a number of locations but nothing for UAE, Iran etc.


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