[Bldg-sim] LEED EAcr1 and ice storage?

Marcus Sheffer sheffer at energyopportunities.com
Tue Jun 9 14:39:11 PDT 2009

The metric in LEED (ASHRAE 90.1) is energy cost not energy usage.  I am
certain that ice storage systems have been submitted and approved in LEED
projects.  As currently set up you don't get full credit since both models
must use the same rate structure but you could get some credit against
standard cooling systems if the rate structure favors off-peak usage.


Marcus Sheffer




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Hi All,

Has anyone successfully submitted an energy model to LEED for NC, EAcr1
compliance that utilized an ice storage system for cooling?


I'm just curious if they considered this a valid way to meet EAcr1 since
even though these systems save money (which is the basis for EAcr 1
compliance), they frequently use the same or even more energy than a
standard chiller plant/system design.  In other words, in principle, if your
proposed building uses the same or more energy than your baseline, but shows
a $ savings relative to the baseline, is that still valid.


We're considering looking at ice storage for a LEED project I'm working on.
But, before we run down that route, I'm trying to determine if LEED
considers it an acceptable way to meet EAcr1 and if anyone has been
successfully awarded LEED certification with it.  I tried searching the
CIRs, but the LEED search engine didn't return any matches.  There was a
little traffic on Bldg-sim on it, but that was pretty old (2005).  I also
sent LEED customer service the questions along with a brief description of
ice storage and the not-so-green as well as green aspects of it.  But, it
was obvious by their reply that they had no idea what I was talking


Any experience you all have regarding ice storage and successful LEED
submittals would be great.




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