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This can be done on a number of different levels within Integrated Environmental Solutions' <Virtual Environment>. 


The interface is graphic, not text-based, and uses 3D models either imported from SketchUp or Revit or generated in the program. 


At the most basic level, you can model the louvers as "local" (associated with each particular glazed opening) interior or exterior automated shades or louvers that alter the direct and diffuse solar transmission from the sky and, separately, that reflected from the ground. These shading devices, if appropriate, can be modeled as adding differently to the daytime and nighttime insulative properties of the glazed opening. They can be controlled with simple time schedules (which could be the same schedules as for lighting) and/or according to a specified threshold of incident solar radiation and/or in keeping with formula profiles that reference the same parameters as the HVAC controls (room temperature, outdoor weather variables, etc.) or even the results from daylight sensors used for dimming interior lights. Thus the louvers could be controlled by the same inputs as the HVAC system.


For deeper analysis, which you might more likely use if the louvers were within the cavity of a vented double-skin facade, you can model the louvers and physical items attached to the facade and having full 3D geometry and material / thermal properties. 


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Dear All,

I'm working on a study. It is about the dynamic facades (building automation) . One of the façade feature which I'm trying to test is the automated louvers which has a control which is connected to the HVAC and lighting system. I am trying to test this feature in a certain weather. Does anybody know an energy simulation tool that can make such simulations? Due to my architectural background, I would prefer if it is a graphic user friendly interface to a simulation engine.


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