[Bldg-sim] Remote Sensing and Real Time Analysis

Arpan Bakshi arpanbakshi at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 23:37:44 PDT 2011

Dear All --

A friend of mine unfamiliar with the joys and camaraderie of our user group,
is planning the purchase of remote sensing and real time analysis equipment
for college students. I would love to hear discussion about
a) whether this list is worthy of its value!, and
b) if the unit prices seem realistic, suggested makes and models

$ 500 - LCD Weather Station Variable Display Monitor
$1700 - Weather Station/Sensor Monitoring Computer
$ 350 - Field Kit: Set up, Mounting Panel, Cables, Batteries
$5995 - Infrared Camera
$ 450 - Hand Held CO2 Meters
$ 250 - CO2/Temp/RH Remote Sensors and Loggers
$ 200 - Wireless Rain Gauge


Arpan Bakshi  LEED AP BD+C
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