[Bldg-sim] eQuest - Model verification

Katherine Louman-Gardiner klgardiner at flowgroup.ca
Thu Apr 28 10:48:35 PDT 2011

Hi All,

Our client would like us to produce an eQuest model that

a)      Can be easily adjusted to include current and recently recorded
weather data

b)      Can be easily adjusted to reflect space occupancies and lighting

c)       Will reflect the actual building energy usage to within 1%

Do any of you have experience trying to validate models like this?  

My concern is that models are approximations, and will not account for
small changes in occupancy, outdoor weather, etc.  

I guess my questions are these:

1)      Even if I manage to put in daily occupant and fan schedules
based on actual use, will the model be accurate enough to take me within

2)      We have been asked to remove plug loads (both for consumption
purposes and cooling loads).  Will this be too big of an assumption to
get any accuracy out of the model in the future?

3)      How do I modify the weather input file?

4)      Are there any other ideas I'm missing that will help us validate
a model as an absolute measure of actual building energy consumption?

Thank you for your help,


Katherine Louman-Gardiner, EIT

Mechanical Engineer


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