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holly wasilowski hollywas at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 09:31:16 PDT 2011

Maria, Rohini, and anyone else in the know,
You brought up an interesting point with ASHRAE 14. It suggests MBE and CVRMSE 
numbers, which seem pretty difficult to achieve. Are many practitioners hitting 
these numbers in the field? If so, what is the end purpose of these calibrated 
models? It seems like the IPMVP 2006 (referenced by the LEED M&V credit) 
*suggests* using ASHRAE 14; however, their own case studies do not seem to hit 
these ASHRAE targets, which makes me curious.

For those of you using models for commissioning what level of calibration seems 
appropriate, being realistic about effort and model usefulness?  Is anyone in 
practice using calibrated models for on-going commissioning/fault detection?

Thank you for any information!!!

Holly W. Samuelson 
Doctor of Design Candidate in Sustainable Design 
Harvard Graduate School of Design
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