[Bldg-sim] Life Cycle Cost Analysis (UNCLASSIFIED)

Eurek, John S NWO John.S.Eurek at usace.army.mil
Tue Jun 14 10:55:22 PDT 2011

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
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After doing the energy model of two different systems I was asked to do a
life cycle cost analysis.

I am able to look up every needed value (equipment cost, equipment life,
installation cost, energy cost, inflation rate, fuel costs.)

I can site where I got each number. (right or wrong, I have the source.)

The only missing number is operation and maintenance costs.  Where can I look
up O&M and site the source?

I am comparing a geo-thermal system with a boiler/chiller system.

"Freedom is a small price to pay to stop Global Warming."

John Eurek PE, LEED AP

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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