[Bldg-sim] Soffit Leakage

Varkie C Thomas thomasv at iit.edu
Wed Aug 1 08:11:19 PDT 2012

See http://bepan.info/proj-bldgs/p-14-tall-bldg-press for leakage (infiltration) calculations in Excel. The CONTAM library gives leakage data. The energy estimate was with degree days. The soffit can also be analyzed in Excel with design conditions and with degree days.  Since it is a small model, you could try CONTAM.  See http://www.bfrl.nist.gov/IAQanalysis/software/index.htm
Varkie Thomas
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Hello colleagues

I have a an air leakage question,
The problem is when the exterior soffit vents and fascia panels are open to interior ceiling spaces, can be to a plenum ceiling or non-plenum ceiling,
these openings at the soffit and fascia are allowing air infiltration above ceiling tile,

Does anybody know what method/formula to use to calculate these air infiltration energy losses, and how they load the HVAC units ?
Any reference/articles ?

Thank you

P.S I don?t use any software, I would like to do it in excel

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