[Bldg-sim] Fast computer graphics techniques for calculating direct solar radiation on complex building surfaces - a paper from the official IBPSA Journal, the Journal of Building Performance Simulation

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That is a very interesting paper.  The use of B-Splines is 
particularly of interest as I worked on a program for designing ships 
hulls with my old friend Rolf Oetter at the University of Victoria.

We used B-Splines and knots in a similar fashion.  That was ages ago 
and program is widely in use:

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>Direct solar radiation has a major influence on a building's thermal 
>behaviour. Current simulation engines are not up to the challenge of 
>accurately modelling solar gains for buildings with complex or 
>curved geometry and buildings sited in dense urban areas. Accurate 
>thermal performance prediction for buildings in early stages of 
>design is hindered by excessive computation time and incompatibility 
>between architectural models and building energy simulation 
>software. This paper proposes using a combination of modern computer 
>graphics rendering techniques and parametric B-spline interpolation 
>methods to quickly and accurately calculate solar gains over a full 
>year based on sparse data with a continuous interpolation method. 
>These new procedures accommodate complex building geometries and 
>intricate shadow patterns and can accelerate shading calculations by 
>several orders of magnitude. Faster calculations allow studies to be 
>made at the early stages of design when modifications can have the 
>greatest impact on a building's thermal behaviour.
>Authors: Nathaniel L. Jones, Donald P. Greenberg & Kevin B. Pratt
>Read the full paper here: 
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