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1.      Not sure about this one. although I feel like I read a CIR about it

2.      Rotating is not required for an existing building (although I did
rotate a building we put an addition on)

3.      Baseline walls are the existing walls.

4.      Baseline HVAC is per the table, not the existing HVAC system.


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Good day to all..


Working on modeling an existing building per 90.1 for LEED certification and
can not find clear answers in the standard or users guide- and seeking of
the advise of the Bidg-Sim community- 

The building is basically a shell- the 6 inch tilt up concrete walls and
concrete floor are the only things remaining un-changed. The building is
installing new HVAC systems, a new roof, a new lighting systems, new
skylights, new doors, new windows and insulating the existing walls. The
space is 35,000 square feet, and beside another building. The building
owners bought out their former neighbor and are expanding into their space,
the space shares a wall with their current space. 


1.	Adiabatic wall- Should it be Modeled with an adiabatic wall
separating the "two" buildings (that are actually one building with a
separating wall and separate address), or should the "other building" not
seeking LEED certification be included in the model?
2.	Rotated average baseline- This is an existing building and
orientation is set, so is this procedure still necessary or required by
3.	Baseline Constructions- Should the baseline reflect the walls as
they where before renovation (Un insulated tilt up concrete walls/R-5 roof
deck?) or should it use the ASHRAE light weight constructions with 2007
insulation for the climate, or should it use the actual constructions but
add ASHRAE 2007 insulation?
4.	The HVAC system is a CAV, with convective natural gas heating and
and DX cooling- roof top units, the baseline system for this should be
system # 5 PVAV- or should the baseline HVAC system be what ever system was
in the building before the renovation?


An advanced thank you goes out to all that respond- 



Jeremiah D. Crossett

CleanTech Analytics


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