[Bldg-sim] Glazing Study: Warm edge spacer example needed

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
Sat Aug 11 13:15:57 PDT 2012

The Frameplus Online tool is great for analyzing different 
glazings.  You have the option of different spacers, argon or air 
fill, different thermal breaks in the aluminum curtainwall or window 
framing.  It offers curtain wall, fixed window, and 
casement/awning.  The report gives centre of glass U, overall Uvalue, 
etc.  The bottom of the report provides the equest performance values.


At 03:50 PM 09/08/2012, Hayes Zirnhelt wrote:
>I am working on a lifecycle cost study on advanced glazing. I am 
>looking for a typical warm edge / premium spacer to use as a 
>reference / baseline in the study. Does anyone have a suggestion, 
>and any info such as a drawing (dxf etc) or THERM file that they could share?
>Hayes Zirnhelt
>B.A.Sc Integrated Engineering
>M.A.Sc Candidate Building Science
>Ryerson University
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