[Bldg-sim] Baseline System For Semi-Heated Space for LEED

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A "semi-heated" space is not a "conditioned space" per ASHRAE 90.1. For a LEED/Appendix G model, the baseline system type is based on conditioned floor area, and the requirement for modeling heating and cooling applies to conditioned spaces only. You could model the space as unconditioned in the baseline and proposed models, and capture the semi-heating as neutral process energy.

Alternatively, you could use System Type 9 or 10 from ASHRAE 90.1-2010. Systems 9 and 10 apply to "thermal zones designed with heating only systems in the proposed design, serving storage rooms, stairwells, vestibules, electrical/mechanical rooms, and restrooms not exhausting or transferring air from mechanically cooled thermal zones in the proposed design" per G3.1.1 Exception e. The ASHRAE definition for "zone, HVAC" is "a space or group of spaces...", not "a conditioned space...". So I think you could apply System 9 or 10 to a semi-heated space, if the space type is one of those listed.

Either of these options should be easy enough to change/undo if a LEED reviewer disagrees with your approach.


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I have a space that meets the requirements of a "semi-heated" space.  Question is - how do I model the baseline system?  I have found no information in AppG, LEED, or any other resources.


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