[Bldg-sim] fossil hybrid or electric

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My vote is for PTAC with hot-water boiler.


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Hi - I've got an appendix G baseline system question.  Here's the scenario, let me know what you think.

Proposed Building:

1.       Multi-family residential, amenity/common space < 20,000 square feet

2.       Electric baseboard heat in the units

3.       Condensing gas furnaces in the corridors and back of house spaces

4.       VRF in amenity common spaces

My understanding is that because my non-predominant condition (common/amenity space) is less than 20,000 square feet, I use a single system for the whole baseline building (G3.1.1a).  I've got a mix of gas and electric heat in the baseline building,  does this mean that my base system is PTAC with a hot water boiler?


Morgan Heater, P.E.
morgan at ecotope.com
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