[Bldg-sim] ASHRAE code multiplier?

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Dear list,
I am working on creating envelope libraries for ASHRAE 90.1 2010, 2007 &
2001 code vintages.
I have a copy of ASHRAE 2010 standard and users guide, and am wondering if
there might be a general multiplier that could be used to back the
insulation levels as well as U values down to the 2007 and 2001 levels.
When I purchased the ASHRAE 2010 standard and users guide the ASHRAE rep I
spoke with mentioned that I might be able to use a multiplyer for this.
>From what I recall insulation levels where raised by 16% for ASHRAE 2010
from ASHRAE 2007, but do not know if this 16% is actually the number or not
and do not have any assumed numbers for other vintages or values.  My use
of this is for PCM modeling, sort of conceptual massing preliminary
modeling & climate studies so strict code compliance is not necessarily
required but would be preferred. I would prefer not to buy all of the
individual standards if possible so wonder if such a multiplier might be
reasonable. I would like to also do space type lighting codes & DHW (for
internal gains) as well.. If anyone has insight it would be appreciated,
and I also could share my finished work (in excel, energy plus and design
builder formats) with anyone who wanted it..

Best regards-

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