[Bldg-sim] 90.1 Section 5.6 envelope trade off

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I have been using ENVSTD for years.  The problem 
is that the Ontario Building Code has revised the 
envelope prescriptive requirements to hybrid 
values that are not matched by the current and 
past versions of ENVSTD.  Ideally one would get 
the source code and modify the lookup tables then 
recompile but I am not having any luck with that concept.

I have heard that the the ENVSTD developers are 
working on a version for Ontario but who knows 
how long that might take.  In the meantime, the 
cost of building permits goes up on July 12 so 
lots of developers are scrambling to get permits before then.

At 02:11 PM 14/06/2012, Christian Cianfrone wrote:
>If I understand your intent correctly, I would 
>recommend using ENVSTD.  It makes the trade-off 
>method less painful.  The software comes packaged with the 90.1 User’s Manual.
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>You are likely correct, I can select, copy and 
>paste all the equations and coefficients from 
>Appendix C into a text document.  Then it's a 
>matter of creating a spreadsheet or Perl program to do the calculations.
>At 08:46 AM 14/06/2012, Leonard Sciarra wrote:
>FYI - Appdx c is being re-written, for 
>90.1-2013.  When I get back to internet 
>connectivity I can give you the addendum 
>letter.  The goal was to streamline the baseline 
>building generation, even automate it.
>As for the current Appdx c their is no document 
>u seek that I know exists. But it reads pretty 
>clearly, ( as everything feeds into one equation 
>) so I would just go all old school and write 
>them down.  It's only about 10 or 15 or so.
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>Subject: [Bldg-sim] 90.1 Section 5.6 envelope trade off
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>Is there any way to obtain all the coefficients listed in APPENDIX C,
>the methodology for the envelope trade-off calculations?  Even better
>would be a text file with all the equations and the coefficients.
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