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Eduardo Cunha eduardocunha81 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 12:25:34 PST 2012

Dear Collegues,

In some simulations I have an excel file output (.xls) as follow (and
attached) but in others I don't know why it doesn't appears. Do you know
where I need to change to the .xls file appears always as an output?


Model Number 1
Building Name Fahrenheit_test _low energy case
Simulation Directory
Input File Date/Time

Results File Date/Time 09/10/2012 13:24
Simulation Run Time (s) 103
(Latitude, Longitude)
Weather File Boulder, CO
(0, 0)
ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Climate Zone ASHRAE_2004_5B
Available Fuel Types gas, electricity
Principal Building Activity

Weighting Factor 0,00  Form

Total Floor Area (ft^2 [m^2]) 32,291.73 [3,000.00]
Building Shape See Picture
Aspect Ratio See Picture
Number of Floors 3
Window Fraction (Window to Wall Ratio) South: 0.17
East: 0.17
North: 0.17
West: 0.17
Total: 0.17
Window Locations See Picture
Skylight/TDD Percentage 0.00%
Shading Geometry None
Azimuth 0,00
Thermal Zoning See Picture
Floor to Floor Height (ft [m]) 9.84 [3.00]  Fabric

Exterior walls

Construction Type Steel-Framed
Construction Description R-13 + R-7.5 ci
R-value (ft^2·hr·ºF/Btu [m^2·K/W]) 22.71 [4.00]
Gross Dimensions - Total Area (ft^2 [m^2]) 13,562.53 [1,260.00]
Net Dimensions - Total Area (ft^2 [m^2]) 11,256.90 [1,045.80]
Wall to Skin Ratio 0,56
Tilts and orientations

Thanks a lot!
Eduardo Cunha
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