[Bldg-sim] Public Beta Release of the Simergy GUI for EnergyPlus

Philip Haves phaves at lbl.gov
Tue Oct 2 15:48:03 PDT 2012

[Apologies for cross-posting]

The Public Beta Release of Simergy, a free Graphical User Interface 
(GUI) for EnergyPlus, is now available for downloading at 
simergy-beta.lbl.gov <http://simergy-beta.lbl.gov>. The review and 
feedback period is scheduled to be complete in late 2012 and the release 
of version 1 is planned for January 2013. Simergy runs under Microsoft 
Windows and requires a high resolution wide screen for effective use.

Key Features of Simergy include:

-Loop level HVAC System Templates

-Drag and drop component-level editing of HVAC systems to adapt 
templates and build custom systems

-Geometry options

oimport IFC and gbXML (gbXML in version 1)

obuild your own geometry from base shapes or

obuild custom geometry by tracing over 2D plans (dwg/dxf) or drawing 
free form

-Create and work with multiple design alternatives within the same file

-Predefined reports and interactive visualization of EnergyPlus output

-Training and support material, including links to EnergyPlus 
documentation (updates will be posted as further content is developed).

Simergy shields the user from dealing with coordinate geometry and with 
HVAC node names; it is a productivity aid for design practitioners. We 
expect that this will encourage more use of EnergyPlus by making it 
quicker and easier to use. However, Simergy still requires some 
knowledge of EnergyPlus, particularly in this beta-testing phase. The 
target audience for version 1 of Simergy is mechanical engineers, energy 
modelers, and other technical consultants.

We strongly encourage users to review the “10 Things to Know” page on 
the web site, read the ESSENTIAL READING file and study the written 
documentation and the videos before using Simergy. Additional 
information will be added to the website in the coming days.

Since this is a beta release, we ask that you give us feedback on your 
experience with the tool, using a simple formon the web-site (to be 
activated shortly)that links to our issue managementsystem. We would 
also like to hear your suggestions for enhancements - please email them 
to simergy-feedback at lbl.gov <mailto:simergy-feedback at lbl.gov>.

The development of Simergy is supported by US DOE, California Energy 
Commission, Infosys Technologies, Trane and Hydro-Quebec.  The 
development team consists of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 
Digital Alchemy, Infosys Technologies, Trane and Hydro-Québec.

Philip Haves
Leader, Simulation Research Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
One Cyclotron Road, MS 90R3111
Berkeley, CA 94720-8134
(510) 486 6512

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