[Bldg-sim] IDD- Infiltration Degree Days

Joe Huang yjhuang at whiteboxtechnologies.com
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This is the first I've heard mention of Infiltration Degree Days for 25 years. They were 
developed by LBNL back
in the mid-80's.  For technical details, please see paper, "Infiltration Degree-Days. A 
Statistic for Quantifying Infiltration-Related
Climate", by Max Sherman 1986, LBL-19237.  I don't know if anyone has tabulated IDD for 
various climates, but it's certainly
doable with any of the hourly weather files (TMY2, TMY3), etc.


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On 10/5/2012 8:59 AM, Alex Colta wrote:
> Good morning
> Does anybody know where I can find the data for USA  IDD  - Infiltration Degree Days
> and a copy of ASHRAE Standard 119
> Thank you
> Alex
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