[Bldg-sim] Estimating system matrix A from simulation engine

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Thank you for your reply. 


Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Modelica simulation environments. 


If you don’t mind, could you please let me know any other ways? 


Best Regards, 
Deuk-Woo Kim  


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Most Modelica simulation environments allow you to linearize a model at the current state and save the A,B,C and D matrix that are its state-space representation at the point of linearization. See

Michael Wetter.

Modelica-based Modeling and Simulation to Support Research and Development in Building Energy and Control Systems. <http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/19401490902818259> 

Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 2(2):143-161, 2009.

Also available as LBNL Technical Report LBNL-2740E.pdf <http://simulationresearch.lbl.gov/wetter/download/LBNL-2740E.pdf> .

where this is demonstrated for a nonlinear heat exchanger model. The Modelica Buildings library (http://simulationresearch.lbl.gov/modelica/) contains a room model which you should be able to use for the same process to get the A,B,C and D matrices for a building model.






On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 6:54 AM, 김덕우 <deukwookim at skku.edu> wrote:

Dear all, 


Is there a method to estimate system matrix A (of zone or building) from simulation engines such as E+, ESP-r??  

(The A is commonly found in state-space equation, e.g. x’ = Ax + Bu.)


As far as I know, only system identification method can be applied in this situation.

(but, I not sure that it is reliable)


If there is more advanced way or efficient way to estimate A, please let me know. 


Any comments would be appreciated. 


Thanks in advance. 


Best Regards, 
Deuk-Woo Kim 


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