[Bldg-sim] jEPlus V1.4 released

Yi Zhang YiZhang at dmu.ac.uk
Sun Jun 9 03:20:07 PDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,

We have finished beta-testing of jEPlus V1.4; it is now released. As usual, we didn't receive much bug reports from users, but we managed to find some on our own - it wasn't that difficult, actually ;-) Should you find any issues or need more functions, please feel free to post them on the discussion page: http://www.iesd.dmu.ac.uk/~jeplus/wiki/doku.php?id=discussion_main.

Apart from bug fixes, the main difference between 1.4 Beta and v1.4 is the command-line interface. It has been completely rewritten, to give script users more control over how the simulation jobs to be executed, without the need for opening GUI. Here is an example:

java -jar jEPlus.jar -job example_E+v8.0/HVACTemplate-5ZoneFanCoil.jep -lhs 20 -seed 1234567 -cfg jeplus_v80.cfg -local 2 -output ../CmdLineTests/output/

This command will run a Latin Hypercube sample of 20 jobs, of the given project, with a specified random seed, using E+ V8, on two processor cores, and write all outputs to the given folder. jEPlus will execute the jobs and then exit quietly, leaving the usual output tables in the given folder. Using the command-line options, it is very easy to couple it with your own scripts, e.g. in Matlab, Python and so on. More information can be found in the User's Manual: http://www.iesd.dmu.ac.uk/~jeplus/wiki/doku.php?id=docs:manual_1_4.

Best regards,


Dr Yi Zhang
IESD, De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom
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