[Bldg-sim] Simergy - Does anyone uses this software

Guilherme V. Martins guilherme.martins at blcnavitas.pt
Wed Jun 19 07:49:02 PDT 2013



I am trying to initiate on Simergy and it is being a very difficult task (I
am use to work with HAP and DesignBulider). They don't answer to my
questions, the help guide is basic and the tutorials can't help me either. 


I would like to know if someone in this group works with this Software. 


I am trying to create a building with a custom zone configuration. Does
anyone know how to create those zones? Is it necessary to draw a custom
space and draw the internal walls exactly in the same space? Or is there a
way of doing just one thing? For example, create the internal zones just by
drawing the internal walls. 


Thank you, in advance.


Best Regards,

Guilherme V. Martins


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